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National security – definitions, character, and determinants. Studies on the quality of security


pod redakcją Bronisława Sitka i Aleksandry Ukleja


Rok Wydania:2012

Miejsce Wydania:Józefów

Wydawnictwo: WSGE


Liczba stron:595


format:148x211 mm

Słowa kluczowe: civilization threats; legal framework of internal security of the Republic of Poland; international security ; security of entities; philosophy of the safety; European security policy; corruption; polish national security; crossborder safety;  security management;  functioning of public administration; territorial self-governments in Poland; human rights; internal Security; human resources management; social security; innovations; information society; sustainable tourism

Fragment wstępu / Opis:

Among the problems discussed in this study is the issue of national security, broadly defined. Recognizing the need for safe existence of citizens, it is impossible not to note that we live in an increasingly global world, so discussion of the Republic of Poland national security can not be limited only to the territory of our motherland. Without a doubt, both in nationally and internationally a key role in shaping world security play safety regulations. In this work, the authors undertook a collective development of specific threats to the modern safety and security management organization (in terms of a complex and problematic) and the development of attitudes and education standard for safety. The aim of this work is the exchange of views among representatives of various research and teaching centers and representatives of practices: • Contemporary problems of safety and civilization threats • Legal framework of internal security of the Republic of Poland and international security • Dilemmas of internal security management • Education and upbringing for security Finally, we would like to thank the reviewers of this book - Prof. dr hab. Piotr Majer and Dr Ivan Iurlo whose valuable comments were received on the final shape of this study. We also thank all the authors, representing various research centers, universities and institutions by which arose in this paper.

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