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Global social problems and education in social work


Peter Jusko



Rok Wydania:2013

Miejsce Wydania:Józefów

Wydawnictwo: WSGE


Liczba stron:107



Słowa kluczowe: education in social work; social services for disabled clients in the Slovak Republic and Poland; help to the dying seniors and their families; silver economy; social work; social pedagogy; football hooliganism; academic education

Fragment wstępu / Opis:

Social work is generally defined as human-legal profession that realizes social policy built on commonly accepted values and norms. Such values may include the right to social security and the right to a dignified life for everyone in society. From the perspective of social work is to draw attention to Article 14 of the European Social Charter (right to benefit from social welfare services). The article states the need to ensure the effective exercise of the right to social services promoting or organizing services using methods of social work to help individuals and groups in the community in their development and adjustment to the social environment, encourage the participation of individuals and voluntary or other organizations in the establishment and maintenance of such services. At the Council of Ministers of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and consumer protection (EPSCO) in Brussels was in 2012, in February the document on the impact of the crisis. There lies a recommendation to increase the number of "white occupation" (health and social services) in Slovakia, as a means of reducing high unemployment.

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