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Dilemmas of contemporary public administration


pod redakcją Wacława Brzęka, Kateriny Novikovej i Sylwii Ćmiel



Rok Wydania: 2013

Miejsce Wydania: Józefów

Wydawnictwo: WSGE

ISBN: 978-83-62753-39-0

Liczba stron: 220

Oprawa: CDR

format: CDR

Słowa kluczowe: public administration; formalization of control; state and local governments; autotransport system of Ukraine; role of local government; citizens complaints concerning the actions of public administration; computerization of administration - advantages and disadvantages; public food availability regulation; management systems; control mechanisms; corporate social responsibility; biodiversity maintenance; employment in Ukraine; linear and non-linear models; forecasting; sustainable development principles; innovation in human resource development; human potential use; value added cost;

Fragment wstępu / Opis:

It has been long time since the end of the nineteenth century, when the professor of political science at Princeton University, and later President of the United States of America - Woodrow Wilson stated that the administration is primarily a quiet, free from the rush and permanent conflicts, arranging various issues. Despite the seeming stabilization, the administration began to change in both organizational sense and in forms of action, it soon became apparent that the views of nineteenthcentury political scientists, and administrative lawyers in most cases have become anachronistic and currently, it is primarily the interest of historians only.

The contemporary administration, especially the public administration, regardless of the model adopted in various countries, has to solve many different problems. Sometimes, it must make a very difficult choice between two equivalent rations, it means it is necessary that administration must arbitrate dilemmas.

The dilemmas settlement took a special importance, especially in those administrations which in the eighties and nineties have adopted the idea of new public management, when it was necessary, above all, a broader admission of citizens to making decision process and when there is a need to reduce the number of existing legislation in the society’s life.

The collection of articles put into the readers’ hands is the results of preliminary tries to diagnose the fundamental dilemmas which influence the effectiveness of the public administration and it is the results of preliminary tries to suggest the ways of solving the specific problems related to the public functioning of administration. The authors of articles are Polish academics from various universities and practitioners. This collection also includes the works of authors from foreign universities cooperating with the Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów from the National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use in Rivne, Ukraine and the Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. It turned out that the above topics are of great interest in their countries. The topics are very diverse, which captures both the interdisciplinary spirit of this publication, as well as the complexity of the picture of modern administration. Chapters deal with the various issues such as innovative quantitative models of public expenses, the use of human resources, the employee relations, the issues of corporation’s social responsibility, the functioning of higher education system, the role of local governments in various areas and the problems of effective control in public administration.

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