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The Organization and functioning of the polish security system for cross-border crisis


 Jerzy Zawiszza


Rok Wydania:2013

Miejsce Wydania:Józefów

Wydawnictwo: WSGE


Liczba stron:251



Słowa kluczowe: Republic of Poland security and its aspects,  Authorities of the Republic of Poland responsible for the safety, The responsibility of state authorities for national security, Transborder threats of safety,State security towards the evolution of threats of contemporary world, The management of national security system,Air terrorism,

Fragment wstępu / Opis:

Security is the foundation of contemporary international relations on the basis of theory and practical approach. The problem of ensuring safety of the vital interests of states and nations has gained special significance at the end of the twentieth and early twenty-first century, as it is a process that evolves over time and takes on different values depending on challenges and risks. The scope of research depends on how detailed analysis of purpose and size is made and on the extent of its use in theory and practice. In the analyzed period there has been a qualitative change in the security environment since that moment we can not use the category of war and peace but we shall look for new trends and foresee possible risks.

Nowadays both in theory and in practice more often we can encounter so called crisis situation in the area of security, which is the result of a breach of survival and increased risk of loss of guaranteed development. Concern for safety is set out in Constitution of the Polish Republic on April 2, 1997, published in the Official Journal on 16 July 1997., No. 78, item. 483. Article 5 states: “The Republic of Poland shall safeguard the independence and integrity of its territory and ensure the freedoms and rights of persons and citizens, the security of the citizens, safeguard the national heritage and shall ensure the protection of the natural environment pursuant to the principles of sustainable development.” Since the security of the citizens, the country’s independence and integrity of the borders are existential national interests, providing them is an absolute duty of the state, which allows the use of whole set of forces and resources owned by the state. The Constitution establishes the responsibility for the security of the key persons in the state, as well as relevant offices, institutions and citizens. On the other hand international security is specified by the provisions of the international treaties and conventions, as security in the modern world has become a priceless value, which the nations and peoples desire. The pursuit of individual citizens of different nations to safety should also be emphasized. If we consider safety we have to be aware of internal and external environment of the state, international surrounding, tensions in internal structures, which appear as a threat to the state, individual, society and international community. At this point we can different concepts of security such as collective security, cooperative security, comprehensive security, cooperative security, etc. All are complex, ambiguous and emphasize the political importance of international relations, in which national security becomes de facto international security as a liaison of other participants of international relations. This means that the interests of national security are the substance of the composition in the structures of international order. Alliances, that increase the security of individual countries, restore the balance between countries or groups of countries and stabilize situation in a particular region on the basis of geopolitical clause casus foederis - which allows to set up the allied commitments, are important for shaping international security. This is a new approach to the problem of international security known as “comprehensive and cooperative security system”. In the complex area of national security, including internal security, military security management becomes the duty of the utmost importance to ensure vital interests of the state.

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