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Work 2.0: nowhere to hide


Sergiusz Prokurat


Rok Wydania:2013

Miejsce Wydania: North Charleston

Wydawnictwo: WSGE


Liczba stron:144


format:132x202 mm

Słowa kluczowe: transformation; changing labour market; new technologies; globalisation; worker specialisation; hyperspecialisation; management; adaption of workers; employment system;

Fragment wstępu / Opis:

We're living through a dramatic revolution. Ten years ago, there was no such thing as Facebook. Ten years before that, we didn't have Amazon or the Web. New technologies have opened up new opportunities. They bring with them an ever more complex reality. Growing complexity is a process caused by globalisation, technology and progress-a broader set of activities, more departments in companies, more workers, more processes to service, all of these provoke a continous rise in the number of functioning procedures, new policies and rules. They bring about the phenomenon of extreme worker specialisation (also known as hyperspecialisation). This calls for a different approach to management and work. For some time now we've observed a greater focus on flexibility, mobility, and the ability of quick adaptation of workers. The world of work is in evolution.

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