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Collective human rights in the first half of the 21st century



pod red. Magdalena Sitek, Peter Terem, Marta Wójcicka

Rok Wydania: 2015

Miejsce Wydania: Józefów

Wydawnictwo: WSGE

ISBN: 978-83-62753-57-4

Liczba stron: 507

Oprawa: miękka

Format: 210x148 mm


The traditional concept of human rights recognized them as a category of claims of the individual to the community and its structures, including the state. Frequently the issue of the responsibility of the individual toward community and its rights regarding the individual is overlooked. In the face of globalization rights of the community play more and more important role. The reason of this fact is that community is the natural environment of human beings  and allows them to satisfy their basic needs.
The editors of this paper, on a base of the concepts and the presentations during the 15th International Conference on Human Rights held on 1-2 June 2015 in Józefów, subarea of Warsaw, decided to systematize the collected materials so that publication shows both the human needs and rights while respecting the responsibilities of individual towards the community at the same time.
The structure of this monograph is based not only on the concept of human rights, but also human needs. The issues of rights and human needs in the community together with the issue of human duties towards the community were places in the first part of this joint publication. Subsequently they are discussed rights of nations, especially right to self-determination and the right to good administration, which became the main measure of the rule of law. Next are discussed human rights to the clean environment and human obligations towards the environment. An important group of issues is the contribution of religion to the concept of human rights. In the end, human rights are considered in the context of civil law solutions.

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