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Collective human rights in the first half of the 21st century. SUPLEMENT



Edited by Magdalena Sitek, Peter Terem, Marta Wójcicka

Rok wydania: 2015

Miejsce wydania: Józefów

Wydawnictwo: WSGE

ISBN: 978-83-62753-63-5

Liczba stron: 126

Oprawa: miękka

Format: 210x148 mm


Fragment wstępu / Opis:
The article aims at showing the Catalonian people way to autonomy and their aspirations of forming an independent state. The self-determination of the Catalonian people has to deal with setting the correct balance for both the sense of nationality and the principle of territorial integrity. Spain as a country is in charge of providing security at the international level as well as the protection and internal unity of the state. The autonomy of Catalonia is a great issue for the government in Madrid, the broaden independence seems to be impossible to achieve. The Spanish government has blocked any changes in the Spain Constitution which could be used nowadays or in the future for aiming at obtaining the whole sovereignty by, for instance, Catalonia. Catalonia possesses its own nation which is determined to have its own state. These nation members are connected with each others in a special emotional way. They are aware of their own uniqueness and a Catalonian language as the main means of conveying their own identity or culture. One tries to marginalize these steps towards selfdetermination by such a national or region al groups as well as by national minorities, social groups or communities. The institutional – legal, historical, and extrapolation research methods, according to the classification provided by Professor Waldemar Żebrowski, was used during this article preparation, as well as the institutional – legal method used for analyzing the acts concerning the Catalonian case, legalization and the coherence with the international law; the historical – for presenting the origin of the Catalonian nation and the extrapolation method – for showing the geopolitical trends in treating the issue of Catalonia.

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