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The rights of migrants between the needs and capabilities of the state and the international community


Redakcja naukowa:

 Magdalena Sitek, Stanisław Stadniczeńko



Rok Wydania: 2016

Miejsce Wydania: Józefów

Wydawnictwo: WSGE

ISBN: 978-83-62753-73-4

Liczba stron: 214

Oprawa: Miękka

Format: 210x148 mm




The ease of information flow, among others about the standards of living in other parts of the world, generates not always true perceptions and stereotypes, especially among people experiencing the material and spiritual scarcity. It is when new needs, or even a claims against the state or the international community are born. They expect to provide a higher standard of living, better health care, the environment and natural resources, fair remuneration, attractive leisure and entertainment. The consequence of meeting all these expectations are higher maintenance costs, longer life time, a significant increase in spending on ecology and radical increase in funds for social assistance.

These changes are often accompanied by regional conflicts, causing a mass exodus of people from poorer areas covered by military activities. More and more people are moving to the economically and socially safer countries. Quite often in the background of these developments, there are some historical factors, especially long-standing colonial policy, or the present hegemonic ambitions.

Meeting the needs of new-era immigrants who are coming to Europe, alongside with growing needs and freedoms of its own citizens, raises question about the possibility of meeting these needs, especially those determining fundamental rights.

How the increase of domestic and international expenditures for social needs is related to the capacity of functioning social security systems, health care or the labour market? Are the financial and structural possibilities of individual countries able to cope with absolute respect for the principles of equal treatment of all citizens and all other people arriving to their territory? How, taking into consideration the mass influx of migrants, should we treat such issues as: freedom, the right to manifest own culture (especially religion), personal and national safety? It is possible to raise many of these questions. We hope that the answers will be provided by the authors of the particular elaborations.

These essays are of interdisciplinary and intercultural nature. Their authors are not only experts in the field of human rights or lawyers, but also economists, demographers, cultural theorists, historians, political scientists, canonists and theologians.


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