The name of our University has been changed since 1st January 2024. The new name is:

WSGE University of Applied Sciences in Józefów

(Akademia Nauk Stosowanych WSGE im. A. De Gasperi University in Józefów)

The WSGE University of Applied Science has positive decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration on the authorization of Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy for the purposes of admitting foreigners in order to begin or continue studies. Decision no. DAiPM-WSNPA-078-1-104/2019 was issued on 1st June 2020 and it has been valid for 2 years.

The new decision of the Ministry of Ministry of the Interior and Administration was issued on 5th July 2022 – Decision number DSMiM-WN-078-1-8/2022 – EXTENSION FOR 5 YEARS

A brief AWSGE history

Pursuant to the act of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education dated March 6, 2007, relative to the changes in registering of private universities WSGE is currently listed under the number 257.

In 27th of September, 2004, WSGE adopted the name of Alcide de Gasperi, an eminent Italian statesman.

WSGE offers a wide range of courses at several departments: Administration, Pedagogy, Management, Internal Security, Evironmental Protection.

The Administration and Pedagogy Departments were created between the years of 2002 and 2003. In 2004 the Management Department was set up, and the next year Environmental Protection studies sprang into life.

In 2007 WSGE was awarded permission to establish Internal Security (Bachelor’s program). In 2008 was established at WSGE Master degree studies at the Department of Pedagogy (Master’s degree program). Finally, on the 30th of December, 2010, WSGE was permitted to run master studies at the Department of Internal Security.

International cooperation and programmes

International cooperation is  very crucial point at University. We have students from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Tajikistan, Ghana, Egypt.
We run Bachelor, Engineering and Master Programmes. Besides that we can offer summer schools, postgraduate studies, courses and specialized trainings.

All our courses are taught in English. 

The Goals of the WSGE University of Applied Sciences in Józefów

The main goal of the University is to link the education and business, as well as to prepare AWSGE graduates to be professional and well educated employee.

Our study programmes reflect the ministerial requirements and match the  demands of an innovative economy.

The education process is supported by European projects and grants. A rich variety of trainings, internships (partly co-financed by AWSGE), workshops, postgraduate studies help both the didactic staff and students and graduates to constantly develop and to acquire new qualifications.  

Our courses are in the form of traditional lectures, tutorials, lab classes.

The University regularly contributes to the academic environment by publishing reports in its own magazine that boasts of ministerial recognition.

AWSGE runs a career advisory service that monitors professional activity of their graduates. It carries out research in their workplaces in order to evaluate their competitiveness on the job market. The AWSGE graduates usually find employment in local and central state authority institutions.

AWSGE and high schools coopperation

Since the opening of the University it has been in close contact in high schools. 

Education and training campaigns for the youth are launched as well as general knowledge contests in close conjunction with other national institutions, e.g the Police authorities. AWSGE take pains to maintain cooperation with other Polish universities concerning

running second-cycle studies. It focuses on the education offer, the realization of research programs and obtaining financial education assistance from the UK.

European education programs

AWSGE widely make use of European Union education programs. The most popular is LLP Erasmus that  fosters participation the University’s students and its cadre and staff in international academic exchange. Within the LLP Erasmus programme students can also go on an i nternational internship. To better promote inter-universities partnership, WSGE launched the distance learning system commonly referred to as E-Learning.

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