This quide will help you find the answers for your doubts (hopefully).

It is not official guide, no one takes responsibility for your TRC application and the main purpose of this material is to explain some difficulties.

Final decision about your answers should be always considered by you only

Students need to apply for TRC (Temporary Resident Card – Karta Pobytu) before his or her student visa expire – no later than on the last day of your legal residence in Poland.

The application together with the necessary supporting documents should be submitted to the Warszawski Urząd Mazowiecki, at the office of the Department of Foreigners, located at 3/5 Marszałkowska St. in Warsaw, 1st floor, stands 14, 16, only after prior arrangement for a specific day and time.

To make the appointment (to take the date for submitting the files for TRC), you need to use the Reservation system:

In order to take the date in the Reservation system, you need to create the new account.

After registration, you should choose the date. In the e-calendar there are many option for different type of stay in POLAND. Please choose the proper one – “X – SKŁADANIE WNIOSKÓW O ZEZWOLENIE NA POBYT”.

There are some cases that taking the date is impossible or you cannot wait for free dates. In such situation, you should complete your file and then send it by regular mail. The documents should be sent to:

Mazowiecki Urząd Wojewódzki w Warszawie,
Wydział Spraw Cudzoziemców
Marszałkowska 3/5
00-624 Warszawa

Remember that in those cases, the Wojewódzki Urząd Mazowiecki will send you the call to come in person for fingerprints. Also, the mail should be sent as a “POLECONY z potwierdzeniem odbioru”. In this way, you will have the conformation that your files were received by the Office.

Before starting the process of application please read carefully the information given on the website of Wojewódzki Urząd Mazowiecki:

Information in Polish language:

Information in English language:


To apply for TRC – you need to prepare the following documents:

Please check if you are using the current form of application. (The application valid from 29.04.2019  – WNIOSEK)

  • 4 recent colour photographs, undamaged, size 45×35 mm, made in the last six months on a plain white background, with good focus, clearly showing the eyes and face from the top of the head to the top of the shoulders; the face should occupy 70-80% of the photograph; the photograph should show the person looking straight ahead with their eyes open, not covered by hair, with a natural facial expression and mouth closed:

Foreigners with congenital or acquired vision defects may attach a photograph showing them wearing glasses with dark lenses. In such a case, the application must be accompanied by evidence of disability, and in its absence, the foreigner’s statement of having a disability.

Foreigners wearing a headdress in accordance with the principles of their religion may attach a photograph in the headdress, as long as the face is fully visible. In this case, the application must be accompanied by the foreigner’s statement of belonging to a religious community.

  • A valid travel document (2 photocopies);
  • TRC letter (please apply for the TRC letter in the Dean Office)
  • Marksheets (please apply for the marksheets in the Dean Office)
  • Information about the tuition fee (please apply for this document in cashbox)
  • Proof of payment of the tuition fee (please ask for the proof payment in the cashbox)
  • Documents confirming having health insurance or coverage by the insurer of the cost of treatment in Poland – valid for ONE YEAR and paid for entire period of validity
  • Information about cost of accommodation including the cost of renting the room or apartment as well as the cost of utilities such as water, gas, electricity, garbage removal, etc.  (you can use the house/room/ apartment renting agreement together with the current bill for utilities). If you are staying in the WSGE hostel, please ask Ms Edyta Banaszak – the Hostel coordinator for such document.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cover the costs of living and return travel to the country of origin or residence and the cost of tuition as well as the cost of accommodation.

According to the current regulation (2019 – the amount of money is changed every year and you should check it before applying for TRC) sufficient funds means:

The cost of leaving: about 11 000 pln (701 pln x 15 months = 10515 pln)

The cost of return ticket to your home country: 2500 pln

The cost of tuition fee (whatever remain to the end of you study) – for example: if you are Bachelor’s degree student and  you have already paid for first and second year of studies, you must show enough money to pay for the third year of studies.

The cost of accommodation (the cost of montly payment for rent + bills x 15 months)


There are some situations that the Wojewodzki Urząd Mazawiecki may contact you by email to take your fingerprints, to get some extra or missing documents, etc. Therefore, it is extremely import to put your current – valid address on the application and in the case of changing the address YOU MUST INFORM THE OFFICE about it and PROVIDE THEM WITH THE NEW ADDRESS. According to Polish regulations, a double delivery attempt is considered effective delivery. If Office is calling to you take some actions (for example – to submit the new TRC letter) you MUST do it or your application for TRC will be rejected.



There are two types of fee applicable when you are applying for TRC:

  • PLN 340 at the time of submission of the application, payable to the bank account:

Urząd Dzielnicy Śródmieście

Miasta Stołecznego Warszawy

ul. Nowogrodzka 43

00-691 Warszawa


  • PLN 50 for the residence card upon receipt of the decision, payable to the bank account:

Mazowiecki Urząd Wojewódzki

Biuro Budżetowo-Księgowe

NBP O/O Warszawa


Appeal procedure

If you are dissatisfied with the decision received, you have a right to make an appeal. The appeal shall be submitted to the Head of the Office of Alien Affairs through the Governor of Mazowieckie Province within 14 days from the date of delivery of the decision.

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