Internship process at the AWSGE

In accordance with WSGE Study Regulations and WSGE Rules of Student’s Obligatory Internship, the obligation to undergo the internship occurs when it is a part of the study programme. Completing the Internship is also recorded in the Diploma Supplement as “additional information” to the progress of study.

The Obligatory Internship is awarded by ECTS points. Not completing the Internship means that the student cannot complete the semester and whole study programme – so without completing the internship it is not possible to obtain the diploma.

The minimum amount of hours of internship is:

  • Bachelor level – 180 hours completed by the end of 6th semester of studies
  • Master level – 390 hours completed by the end of 4th semester of studies

As internships are a part of your study programs you will not be moved to the higher semester without completing the internship.

In any questions please ask the Education Service Office.

Internship process

Think about what you want to do, in what type of company you would like to start an internship and is it related to your studies.

In fact the Obligatory Internship has to be related to your field of study e.g. for Hotel and Tourism Management students typical places are: various departments of hotels, restaurants, SPA centers, tourist centers, travel agencies etc. For Business Administration students various departments of banks, enterprises, HR /PR/ marketing agencies would be preferable.

Download and print out the Diary of internship:

Please remember that many companies require to precise your work days. Your Internship cannot be performed during your University hours. None of students will be released from their duty to take part in classes.

After completing the Internship student must bring to the Education service office, filled out, signed and stamped Diary of Student’s Obligatory Internship and Confirmation of completing the internship.

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