20 reasons to study on AWSGE

The WSGE University of Applied Sciences in Józefów-Warsaw, Poland presents you an unique offer of studies: Experience Europe in Poland – invest in your future.
It is very common for foreign students to experience their inner changes. Changes for better.


Yuu will obtain European Diploma at accredited University in European Union.


Tranquil surroundings, close enough to the big city attraction.


Friendly and student-oriented spirit, with professional, experienced and open-minded personnel.


Your experience – the most meaningful and rewarding thing in life.


Achieving ones educational goals.


Studying in Poland will open your mind, increase independence, improve your self-confidence.


Broaden perspectives – providing new view on the world – it cannot be developed by staying in your domestic country.


New friendships with people coming from another cultures.


Studying abroad increases awareness of student’s own culture, lifestyle, values and beliefs by comparing it to a wider perspective of other cultures.


Develop language (languages) fluency.


Improve job prospects (employers perceive candidates who have studied abroad as a more independent, self-motivated and confident).


Great preparation for performing work abroad (studying abroad will make it much easier to find a job and to settle in another culture).


Personal benefits and challenges (positive outcomes include increased maturity, independence and self-trust).


International exchange programme – LLP Erasmus – studying at the University entitles students to study and to gather work experience in other European Union countries.


Attractive internships.


Language courses.


Scholarship for the best students.


Classes in full time studies.


Access to a “virtual dean’s office” – we are “on-line University”.


The University will support you in:

  • visa process: sending invitations, cooperation with the Embassy and Border Guard,
  • organizing student’s life in Poland,
  • pick up from the airport,
  • accommodation, orientation day and much more.

Be part of us. Invest in your future!

All those benefits can be achieved here, at the WSGE University of Applied Sciences in Józefów.
University which was established by the Ministry of National Education and Sport on 18th November 2002. 
University where international cooperation is a focal point. 
University which is implementing 4 projects covered by the European Union funds for more than 1,5 mln euro in total.

See you at the WSGE University of Applied Sciences in Józefów!

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